All out for God with Righteousness

PENSA fresher’s Day service (29th September,2019)

Speaker : Brother Paul Kasem
Topic: All out for God with righteousness
Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Acts 2:17


* Righteousness is a constant deliberate effort by a believer to be connected with the Holy Spirit.

* In the last days, just like there will be pour out of the Spirit of God, (Acts 2:17)that’s same way there will be terrible times of wordliness. (2 Timothy 3:1-5).We need to resolve to choose which side to be on.

Why do we need to be righteous

* So that we don’t only become speakers of the word of God but also livers of the word of God, which is a way of witnessing to unbelievers ,so to bring glory to God. Dan 1:8

* As Christians, righteousness is what separates us from the world. This happens because we are controlled by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is the one that directs believers of Jesus Christ. Romans 8:14

* Righteousness makes our prayer effective.
James 5:16, Luke 10:19

* Connection with the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see things the way the Holy Spirit sees them. That way like Joseph we will see threats to be the threats that they are , and not opportunities. Genesis 39:7-10

* Righteousness is right standing with God and that is what will help us be saved in the last day

How to be in right standing with God.

* Self Denial: We need to allow ourselves to be controlled by the Holy Spirit and this will be effective only when we deny ourselves. Romans 12:1

* Pray to God: We need to pray for strength to keep submitting to the Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

* Study the word of God: We need to renew our mind with the word of God so we see things from the perspective of the word of God and hence live as such. Romans 12:2

NB: Our attitude towards the Holy Spirit in life determines our altitude in all we do.

The Lord be with us, and help us to remain in good standing with him in Jesus name, amen.

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