“PENSA is evangelism and evangelism is PENSA”, is a profound saying among the PENSA


Evangelism is the heartbeat of God and as such, the Church of Pentecost has

established The Evangelism Ministry to spearhead all Christian outreaches both internally and

externally within its administration jurisdiction.

Having received this great commission or mandate directly from our Lord and (Master) Saviour

Jesus Christ as evidenced in Matthew 28:19&20 and Mark 16:15&16, the National Evangelism

Ministry keeps on encouraging and admonishing evangelism in many educational institutions

Of which PENSA UHASis not an exception. With this great vision in mind, PENSA UHAS

in tandem with the National Evangelism Ministry, has primarily tasked itself with the

responsibility of reaching out to people (especially folks residing in the remote or rural

areas of the Volta Region) with the Word of God not forgetting the lost souls on campus.

Emphatically stating, every PENSA member is by default a member of the Evangelism

Committee- this makes evangelism easy since no one has to be forced or coerced to come for

outreaches. Members engage in aggressive door to door evangelism, crusades, rallies, dawn

broadcasting and also through evangelistic write-ups on social media.


The Committee is also tasked with the responsibility of coordinating PENSA activities in some

second cycle institutions – Taviefe Senior High School.

To the glory of God, all the aforementioned mandates have been accomplished and the

Committee is still marching on to win more souls for Christ Jesus so as to populate Heaven and

depopulate Hell. Currently, the leader is Brother Emmanuel Dabuo who is assisted by Sister

Regina Tetteh.


The Committee convenes on weekly basis thus, every Thursday- 18:30 GMT

Evangelists, snatch them from fire!(Jude 23). Evangelists, our God is with us!!