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PENSA UHAS Finance Committee sees the day to day running of the church (PENSA UHAS), together with the Executive Committee members of the church.

The committee sees to the economics , management, and accounting of the church’s finances. It also sees to the auditing and accountability affairs in the church. Above all, makes sure that the church’s transactions (income and expenses) are based on the PENSA GHANA Financial Guidelines.

The Finance Committee has the Finance Office, which is occupied by the Financial Secretary, who is the head of the committee and a member of the Executive Committee of the church. The Finance Office is among the three administrative offices in PENSA UHAS , making the Committee an administrative committee .
Since the Finance Committee administers over all the committees and departments , it has automatically made the Financial Secretary the administrator of the committees and the departments in the church.
The Committee is made up of 7 members as required by the PENSA Ghana Constitution . Current members are as follows:

  1. Richard Ampah — Financial Secretary and Committee Chairman
  2. Samuel Oppong Asare-Duah Snr.— Former Financial Secretary and Committee Secretary
  3. Abigail Anang—Treasurer of the church
  4. Timothy Asiedu-Akrofi —member
  5. Doreenda Baah—member
  6. Emefa Nora —member

This Academic/Spiritual year our vision is Church Finances, My Burden, which hits on members to have the zeal and seek after the church’s finances and the kingdom of God.
Theme under the vision is Financial Stewardship, a holistic theme which hits on committee members and the church’s members to be faithful financial stewards, as everything—silver and gold—is for God.
Slogan: Church Finances, I will invest for a transformation

  • Texts for the Vision, theme, and slogan.
  • Matthew 6:31-33;
  • Matthew 25:14-30
  • Luke 19: 11-27
  • Deuteronomy 8: 18.

The bank accounts the Church operates with are as follows:

  • Access Bank — Projects Account.
  • Account number: 0351655407031
  • Agric Development Bank —Regular Account
  • Account number: 5021010106025801.

Please, feel free and donate wholeheartedly and faithfully to God, and expand the Kingdom’s Finances for the Kingdom of God’s work. God bless you 😇🙏.

And remember this:
Jesus loves you
Jesus ama tu