Gents’ Wing

The Gents’ Wing Committee comprises all males in PENSA UHAS. Back home in the various local assemblies of the Church of Pentecost, it is called PEMEM(Pentecost Men’s Ministry). Aside gathering to discuss the Word of God, the Gents’ Wing seeks to achieve the following:

  1. To train and encourage its members to take- up leadership roles on campus, in the society, and in the world at large.
  2. To participate in activities not specifically assigned to a particular committee; the Technical and Ushering Committees, et cetera which in one way or the other might require the strength and expertise of men. For instance, helping the Organizing Department in setting-up the church auditorium and crusade grounds for services and also after services.
  3. In the event of a member getting married or involved in any other commendable activity or programme, the Wing would appoint members to go and cheer that person up even after school. For this reason, the committee, even after graduation, is not supposed to remove any alumnus from its social media platforms.
  4. To discuss issues pertaining to men only during our meetings. For example, the duties of a Christian youth, and men as husbands in the home.
  5. To teach and mentor members to grow spiritually in their individual lives and to perform certain activities in the church such as leading Opening Prayers, Worship(Adoration), Closing Prayers and, how to prepare and deliver Sermons in the church, etc.

The above- stated amongst other things are what the committee does to keep its members up and doing. Currently, the president is in the person of Mr. Francis Yeboah who is gracefully assisted by Mr. Patrick Apisigu. The committee meets once(Sunday) in every two weeks- 17:00 GMT at the following places; Dave(In-between the Labs), Church of Pentecost- Godokpe Assembly, Trafalgar (at the Canteen), Defiat Hostel (Pentagon) and SRC Hostel (opposite the security man’s lodge). Do well to join them even if you are of the opposite sex and you would never regret you did.