Speaker: Apostle Evans Kobina
Chaplaincy service program theme: Led by the Spirit
Texts: Luke 13:6-9, mark 16:17, prov 4:18, Romans 8:14

Excerpts from Day3 (22ne September 2019)

*There are still people that have not heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ . We need to share Jesus Christ with such as these.

*When your life is at threats the Lord always intervenes. You just have to have the eye to see it

*If someone is led by the Spirit, it is evident not in the signs and wonders but in maintaining the vision which is bearing fruit for God’s glory, bearing their kind; bearing more of Christians and thus winning souls into the kingdom of God . Luke 13:6-9 ,John 3:15. The signs and wonders are side attractions that follow.

*You can be successful in ministry, performing signs and wonders etc and yet miss heaven because our ability to enter heaven is in Holiness. Hebrews 12:14

*When Sin becomes it is called iniquity.

*To the Christian gentlemen, you need to be taking pride in breaking virgin areas where Christ hasn’t yet been heard of rather than wasting God’s resources and taking pride in your ability to break people’s virginity. Repent or perish!! Luke 13:6-9.

*To the Christian lady, one challenge of most women, naturally is being emotional and if you are “too emotional ” thus unable to control your emotions, you can easily be broken down. Hence as a Christian woman in ministry , you need to learn to control your emotions ;separate emotions from logic when need be , so to produce much fruit for God.

*Since we became Christians, God has always been expecting to see us bear fruit; win souls , producing other Christians. He keeps giving us chances upon chances, signs upon signs to do that. The mere fact that you are hearing of this now is even another sign of chance he is giving you. Luke 13:6-9

*As Christians, we need to yearn for spiritual things, desire to bear much fruit and take the steps to “Go” and do as ordered, otherwise, the Father will cut us off .Matthew 28:18-20,Luke¬† 13:6-9

*Spiritual things are real.

*As Christians,we need to advance in movement and not moving in circles. We MUST make progress in bearing fruit; fruit that will last, all to God’s glory.

NB: Meditation on the scriptures provided produces more.


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