Priscilla Nyamekye Awortwi

Hello wonderful people! This week, we feature one of the calm, gentle and beautiful ladies of the church as our Personality of the week. Get to know her more as you read her profile.

Who is behind Priscilla Nyamekye Awortwi?

Priscilla Nyamekye is the second of four of both parents. She is blessed with three female siblings. I was born on the 22nd of May ,1997 . I have risen through both primary and secondary levels of education and I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Midwifery degree at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho.

Share with us your Senior High School experiences.

I schooled at Fijai Secondary Technical School in the Western Region of Ghana. I read General Science and completed in the year 2014. I was a day-student but with the support of my parents I completed successfully though faced few challenges. I held no leadership position at school. It was quite a good experience and I learnt a lot.


Though my coming here was influenced by my parents, I believe It was orchestrated by God despite the fact that I never liked the idea.

Kindly tell us about Bachelor of Midwifery, your Programme of study.

Bachelor of Midwifery is a degree programme that trains professional midwives to cater for women before pregnancy, during pregnancy, during labour and puerperium as well as the newborn. The programme also offers one the necessary skills needed to render holistic, comprehensive care to the family and the community as a whole.

How has campus been from first year to final year?

Quite stressful; combining academic work with church activities, but I bless God who has been my source of help and strength till date.

What can you tell us about PENSA- UHAS?

PENSA- UHAS is an amazing family of which I am grateful to God for being part of. I joined PENSA in first year and ever since, there have been tremendous values added to my life especially, my growth and maturity in Christ. The unadulterated Word of God preached, the pure doctrines taught, the fervent prayer lifestyle coupled with its holy and sound diversified way of life have helped shape my life and relationship with people. Indeed, PENSA has been a caring family since its inception.

Amongst all the committees, why did you decide to join the Music Committee?

Music adds value to our lives. It has the tendency to change lives positively or negatively. I joined the Glorious Voices(PENSA Choir) through brother Boakye Gyan, the former Prayer Secretary and I have never regreted. Truth be told, I joined in order to develop my public speaking skills amongst others. Though I admired the act of public speaking, I as well dreaded the mere idea of standing before a congregation to minister. The music ministry has also helped me  pay keen attention to God hence, increasing the rate at which I hear from God and receive songs.

What is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

I see the theme as a wake-up call unto knowing God the more as a child of God and I wish it would be the theme forever because it covers all that pertains to life and godliness. It has really influenced me.

Which part of the Bible really speaks to you?

Isaiah chapter 43. It reminds me of this song:
“When the oceans rise and thunders roar,
I will soar with you above the storm,
Father you are King over the flood;
I will be still and know you are God.”
It encourages me and gives me the hope that He the Lord, is with me at all times.

Who is your favourite Bible character and why?

This is because, he teaches me about uprightness in the sight of the Lord and steadfastness.
Who or what inspires you and why?
My ultimate inspiration is God . I’m also inspired by circumstances encountered in life and how far the Lord has brought me. My parents have also been my inspiration .

Which sporting activity do you enjoy and what do you enjoy doing during your leisure times?

I like playing ludo. I also enjoy reading and cooking.

What is your vision and mission in life?

My mission is to help make life suitable for people facing difficulties in life, help them eradicate poverty and also, to be a source of hope and strength to all. My vision is to explore in every aspect of life.

How did you become born again?

I accepted Christ during my primary school age though I was born into the church and was trained through Sunday School.

What should we expect from you in the next 5 years?

Expect God using me to transform lives and winning souls for Christ.

Are you in a relationship?

No please.

What is your take on campus dating?

It is not bad though but I advise that one identifies his/her weaknesses and strengths as well as his/her academic stance so that his performance wouldn’t be affected. The relationship should be built on God. I believe if God remains the foundation and you also rely on Him, then He will guide you and help you live right .

What do you look out for in your future spouse?

A man whose life reflects Christ, desires God and respects the right of women.

What’s your motivation in life?

Jesus is my motivation, aside that, where I come from, where I am now and where I want to get to, motivates me .

Please do you have any testimony to share with us?

God is good. When I was about completing JHS something happened. I hardly remember what I learn and how to do other things. I was disorganized and it was a hard time for me and the family. But God saw me through and now I’m here. Sometimes I struggle to study and even after studying I would like to brainstorm and it’s sometimes difficult. God always gives me hope when I’m hopeless and gives me strategies to study. Level 300 second semester’s results was mind-blowing in that, God surprised me- He did it just as I wanted it.

What improvement do you want to see in PENSA-UHAS?

I want to see a church zealous for the things of God and a church who wouldn’t compromise her faith for anything but upholds her faith and integrity.

What proposal do you want to make to PENSA-UHAS?

I propose to all to submit to the leadings of the Holy Spirit and allow Him direct our ways.

What advice do you have for the youth?

The youth should trust and obey God and rely on His loving commitment concerning their lives.