Sharing your faith

Key Scriptures: John 1:43-51; 4:4-10; 28-30; 39-42


Sharing one’s faith is the obvious result of one having a personal encounter with Christ. One cannot keep mute but proclaim to others the wonderful blessing of salvation in Christ through the virgin birth, sinless life, vicarious death and triumphant resurrection.

what is the Faith?

The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through which one has been saved.

Romans 1:16 says the gospel of Christ has the power of God to salvation to everyone that believes.

1Cor 15:1-3(further ref.)

Why should we share our faith?

  •  According to 1 John5:12, Humanity is lost and doomed for eternity without Christ (1John5:12).

1John 5;12 says he that has the Son of God has life and he who doesn’t has not life.

  • Witnessing is the Lord Jesus’ command and should be obeyed. (Matthew 28:18-20).
  • God so loved the world and gave his son to die for a sinful world (John 3:16). God so deeply desires that no one perishes but then we all come to repentance (2 pet 3:9). Hence, we share our faith to bring people into repentance. (Further studies; 1tim 2:5)
  •    Other people need to hear the word to believe (Romans 10:13-15) 

what to Share?

  •   The gospel message that is Christ came to die so that whosoever will believe and accept him will not perish but have everlasting life. (Further Studies; John 3:16; 1Corinthians 15:1-3)
  •   Personal Testimony or experience of one’s salvation Eg. That of Paul shared in Acts 26:12-23

 The means of sharing?

  ● Witness by one’s transformed life: This is when the believer uses their Christ-like character and good works to influence others and show the power of Christ to save to people in their immediate environment and beyond. Therefore, becoming a light in the midst of darkness and salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13).

  ●Witness through proclamation of the gospel: presentation of the gospel through preaching or sharing of personal testimony of salvation (Further studies; John 4; Acts 20:20)

Shy? /having difficulty witnessing. Here are some Practical hints on how to share your faith.

  • Consider two or three people you intend to share your faith with. They could either be your friends, neighbors, workmates, classmates or family members. Create a rapport ,if a stranger .
  • Begin praying for their salvation by name daily. Pray also for the opportunity and the courage to share with them.
  • Utilise any opportunity granted by God to act. Take advantage of ongoing conversations to share the word.
  • Talk to them about Jesus and nothing else
  • Be ready to follow-up and encourage the new believer to accompany you to church.
  • Be Sure they join a local Church.

God bless you for reading.!!!!!

Credit to Evangelism ministry of the CHURCH OF PENTECOST.


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