Speaker: Mr Emmanuel Dabuo

Message: Stand Tall and Not To Compromising.

*To compromise means to make concessions and accommodation for people who do not want to succumb to prevalent rules or standards of an institution, group etc.

The bible in diverse ways has cautioned us against compromising our faith or belief in any form.

Standing tall and not compromising is not usually easy.

Biblical Personalities who compromised in one way or the other

1Sam 13:10 -12

Saul having been favoured by God and chosen as the first king of Israel started his reign on a good note but later from the above text, we see King Saul doing the opposite of what God had commanded by usurping the duties of the priest by offering the sacrifice which in essence compromised the laid down rules.
He was sharply rebuked and the kingdom was subsequently taken from him

GEHAZI(2Ki 5:20,21)

Gehazi is one of the biblical characters who compromised big time.
He decided to pursue perishable materials instead of focusing on how to position himself for a mantle from his master the prophet Elisha.

King Solomon the wisest king ever to live on earth despite all his wisdom became a culprit of compromise. Although God permitted him to marry as many women he wished but then the women shouldn’t be foreign.
Solomon upon all his wisdom went ahead to marry foreign women who later introduced the worship of idols into Israel, the city of the Jealous God

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