The blessedness of whole hearted giving

  1. Speaker : Pastor Seth Okletey Narh
  2. Text: Acts 20:35, Exodus 35:5,20:22
  3. In giving to God, we need to give expensive things and we need to do sow whole heartedly. This is what it means to give generously and to give without anyone forcing you .
  4. Anytime we give to God we tell him to give us what we cannot work for but only he can give us.
  5. Everything about us is as a result of God’s giving. For example the air we breath. Imagine paying for the air you breath. The last time checked, oxygen in the hospital is sold at 15 Ghana cedis per hour.
  6. Giving is the nature of God and whenever he gives, he gives freely and bountifully so has he called us to give
  7. Giving to God results in abundance. Prov 11:24, proverbs 19:6
  8. The more we give, the more we get. Matt 10:42. Philip 4:17 (our account in heaven is credited). 2 Corinthians 10:7(God loves us the more
  9. Giving urges God to supply us the more. Philipians 4:19, Luke 4:19. Amen

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