The Christian and Music

12th November 2017

Speaker : Pastor Andrews Owusu

Topic : The Christian and Music

Text : 1st Samuel 16

To know the kind of music to listen to, ask yourself if the song connects you to God. Again, ask yourself if it brings glory to Jesus. We know that a Christian is an individual who believes in Jesus Christ and does what he says .as such we must be careful what songs we listen to.

Types of Music

Christian music – Praises, Thanksgiving, Worship, Situational

Secular music – country music, hip hop, jazz, reggae, RnB, rock and roll, classical, romantic

We must also note that music connects us to God.

Key important of music: the source plus medium

Importance of Christian music

  1. Admonishes us
  2. Makes us dwell in mankind
  3. Testifies about the greatness of God
  4. Break the hold of the devil our lives.
  5. Reechoes in God’s promises to the Christian to keep their hope alive.

Characteristics of spiritual songs

  1. Does not profane the name of God
  2. Brings victory in the end. …Philip 4:8,
  3. Think about things to bring glory to Jesus. So, judge all things if it wouldn’t bring glory to God, I shouldn’t do it.

NB: Every song that brings glory to Jesus has it base on the word of God.

Courtesy: Tetteh Regina