The Church, God’s Battle Axe to possess campuses

Speaker: Deacon Mark Gabriel Denteh

Text: Luke 19:10, Matthew 12:29,Acts 19: 13, Ephesians 3:10

  1. The Church in Latin is Ecclesia and in Greek us Eglesia. Which means called out, the assembly of. And so as the Church of God, we are people called out by God for his own purpose and so as far as we have been called out and have responded to the call and come, then we must abide by rules of whoever has called us.
  2. The Church militants are Christians on Earth who are ambassadors of God and daily struggle as soldiers of God against sin and anything not of God.
  3. The church Triumph are Christians who have died and gone to be with the Lord.
  4. God has called us to possess the campuses and nations and so fill everywhere. We cannot do so without being filled with the Holy Spirit. We must be filled daily , to achieve this and bear fruit.
  5. It is for this reason we have been called to live a holy life, if we aren’t doing what we are to do we are breaching the contract and that is dangerous.
  6. God continue to be with us and help us live the holy life he has called us to so we continue to bear fruit even as we possess our campuses and nations. Amen


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